Ability to set back to Vanilla?

I have recently decided to clean my Garry’s Mod of addons and other maps, and I did notice something.

Recently, I downloaded a Modern Warfare 2 SWEP pack. After downloading it, I found all of my sounds changed, including the default HL2 sounds. Every time I hit 0 ammo and require a reload, instead of the signature “click”, it’s “COVER ME, I’M RELOADING”, and it gets to be a real pain.

I checked through the sound files in an attempt to replace the sounds with those from HL2, but I can’t for some reason.

I’m just wanting to revert Garry’s Mod to Vanilla of some sorts. Any help?

Actually, all I need to do is delete garry’s mod folder and local content, then re-install, go ahead and lock