Abnormal Experience in Rust

I have never seen anything like this before in the game. Odds are that it is a bug, but I just want to ask if anyone else has seen this before?

This is just weird. What is more interesting is that when it got dark, the sky went purple and the moon vanished pretty quickly.

It’s where we came from. The Universe had planted us as seeds. We were trees that have been sprung after thousands of years. Those that we hit with rocks and hatchets are the next generation, take care of them.

It’s a new ‘feature’ :wink:

Nah, it’s a known bug. Would be cool if one day it occurred and aliens started pouring through or something though, that’d mix things up :stuck_out_tongue:

Dude, off topic, but why carry like every type of gun, but no medkits? Wtf?
Or Barricades? How do you PvP?

I was in my base and left my medkits in the back of my inventory. When I go out, I put them in my action panel. As for PVP, I pretty much threaten everyone I meet. If they do respond friendly, I’ll be friendly then. XD

They are coming! hide!

Simple explanation of bug, SOlar flare.

No one is really sure what it is, other than that it is an occasionally-occurring graphical glitch. It might be a skybox issue or lighting anomaly, but it is not related to the game play nor do special events happen when you see it, it just happens. I’m sure they will get around to fixing it eventually, but quite frankly, I think it really is kind of eerie, I kinda like it. So long as it isn’t causing any problems, I actually hope they keep it :downs:

I thought this was a feature to depict an aurora borealis or something like that

if i am to go by what garry has said in the past, this is NOT a bug, it’s supposedly when “they” are watching… could have just been a tounge in cheek explanation for a bug however…

It would be genius if it represented a spawning of a horrific entity. Like Slender… :smiley: Honestly, that bug should be taken advantage of as a feature, because it would make a great sign for danger or something like that.

I used to see that all the time at night, haven’t seen it in awhile though I thought they patched that out.

It’s very strange actually…I kinda thought it was cool to watch anyways. First time I did see it though…it was making me nervous for some reason…like it was a sign that paranormal shit was about to take place. :smiley:


Quit spamming this on every question you see, it’s stupid. We all know it is in alpha, that doesn’t help anything, nor does it answer why it is like this.

It’s all the wolf / bear chicken meat you have been eating, it fucks with your mind

Wow, that sparked an idea into my mind…This feature should be implemented to appear when you smoke weed in the game! Fuck yea! Let’s add drugs to the game guys!

I suggested that forever ago, surprisingly it didn’t seem to catch on.

I’m surprised myself. Who wouldn’t want drugs in a video game? :smiley:

Dunno, but I posted it in one of my first threads, one where I posted a dump of my ideas for rust, it’s been dead for a while, if you wanna go to my profile and look it up, feel free to resurrect it.