Abominable Snowman (or lady, tehe)

Is there a chance an Abonimable Snowman can be rigged or skinned from another model? I wish I could do all this stuff but I’m a total n00b when it comes to modeling…

Do you know of any games that include something similar to a model of an abominable snowman?

Well, I guess Skyrim has a Frost Troll that looks similar to an abominable snowman… but hey that’s just me…


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I am interested to know about this Abominable Snowwoman.

Where did you get such an idea. I picture an Abominable Snowman with tits. This is an interesting thought


I’m guessing you mean some fur thing though not just a big evil snowman thing

I’d say see if any of those Monsters Inc. games have the abominable snowman character in it