About 13fps on lowest settings 1080p on a 5,5yr old gaming rig

Hello, by some reason my garrys mod runs really really slow on my linux machine.
I have not tried if it runs smoother on my windows partition, but i try to avoid windows as much as possible because it’s so god damn crappy.

Here are the specs:
Phenom x4 2.4ghz
ATI Radeon 4870
4gb ddr2 ram

My settings are all at the lowest, but my resolution is set to 1920x1080.
I can play Left 4 Dead 2 at high settings at a stable 35 fps, but garrys mod lags horribly for some reason.

On a DarkRP server with 60 players i had about 10-19 fps, but around 6-10 fps in the crowded areas.
On a Spacebuild 3 server with 4 players online and under 50 props total, i had about 7-14fps
In the sassilation lobby with 4 players i had 14-20fps, and that map is very light with no props at all.

My GarrysMod folder is 6.7 gigs this is more than usual, but it’s not that much is it? It shouldn’t push my computer that much i believe.

What do you guys think it is? i have 4 ideas

  1. GMod is slow by nature
  2. GMod is slower on linux
  3. My graphics card drivers havn’t been updated since last january (since i have a somewhat old graphics card)
  4. My GarrysMod folder is too big

I am running Elementary Luna (12.04 based and default kernel) but not with the default WM, using a custom Xmonad-pantheon session i scripted myself (because mutter based WMs doesn’t have very good fglrx support)

Does anyone have any ideas why it runs so slow?
Do you think it’s because of any of the four reasons above or something else?

GMOD runs slower.
turn shadows off for a lot of fps increase.
force multicore in gpu options to get more fps

Multicore rendering is enabled and shadows are set to low, but how do you turn off shadows? Is that even possible?

My exact graphics settings are:
Model detail: Low
Texture detaul: Low
Shader detail: Low
Water detail: Simple reflections
Shadow detail: Low
Color correction: Disabled

Antialiasing mode: None
Filtering mode: Bilinear
Wait for vertical sync: Disabled
Motion Blur: Disabled
FoV: 90
Multicore Rendering: Enabled
HDR: None
Use ‘bloom’ effect when available: Disabled

I am running the game in windowed mode, will that slow down the game?
I know that some SDL games cannot use hardware acceleration when in windowed mode, but that’s not the case with the Source engine right?

multicore rendering iname optiosn does not enable it. It was disabled by garry. multicore in the gpu panel overrides this
r_shadows 0

I did this which i got from here: http://forum.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=568945&p=16396677&viewfull=1#post16396677

It didn’t say where to put the commands, but i guessed that it should be in the garrysmod/cfg/autoexec.cfg file. The only difference i can see is that in the loading screen it uses over 200% cpu usage (before it didn’t exceed 96%) and it definitely loads faster, but in game it only uses 60%.

I also tried playing singleplayer and removed a couple of big addons now, and on gm_construct without any props at all i still only have around 14fps which is not acceptable. flatgrass runs on about 19fps

In other words, it’s something with the graphics and not the processor

I guess that the loading screen has always been multithreaded and that the game loaded faster was probably just placebo.
Maybe the multithreading still didn’t work after all?
Even though my CPU usage is only at between 50 and 85%, will i really even get a performance increase if i add multithreading?

Ok, so i installed it on my windows partition now and it works very well with between 60 and 100 fps on all high settings, antialiasing x4 and 1080p.

Could someone please explain to me why it doesn’t run this fast on linux? This is a worthless port in my opinion because it runs so slow and i don’t want to spend my time in no Micro$oft os!

EDIT: Forgot to mention, gm_construct

Support for linux in general with games is quite limited at the moment, but with Steam Machines (SteamBox) coming soon with native linux it should help quite a lot.

I believe its beacuse linux doesnt support hardware acceleration? Or somerhing along those lines… To me, I might as well use windows to game… To much trouble with linux, (dont get me wrong, linux is great!)

Seems like that is the case.
Technically it should be possible though, the question is why it doesn’t use the hardware acceleration.
I have the proprietary drivers though, but it’s the legacy drivers because i have a 4000 series card.

All open source OSes pwn both Mac and Windows, sadly though they don’t have very good graphics driver support (Especially for AMD, and even more for the legacy drivers).
Let’s hope that Steam OS changes this for the better.
Thinking of buying a new nVidia card so i can use a third monitor and for much better video driver support, but currently that’s just a thought.

If you buy a new one, i’m intrested in buying the old one if you wanna sell, i need a new card for my second computer, the old one kinda spontaneously combusted, litteraly.