About a Boat

Who can creat for me , a usable boat becouse i need for something top secret !!





You want it drivable?


I don’t think anyone would put a lot of time in “creating” a drivable boat for you without you telling what it’s for.

I will give 2 answer
1.I can’t say cuz its just for me , i think a lot of people after he download the boat he will use it.
2.If someone what to make it just add me on steam , cuz its to Secret to tell to anyone , becouse its a lot of people who will stell my idea !

I don’t think anyone is going to model you a boat just for personal use either.

Yes but i think for this like 2 month and i don’t whant to tell for all !

A drivable vehicle request goes in the Lua section. (I think) Please go there instead.

I will try there , but i don’t think becouse there is just lua and here its model and the boat it need to be created , Probably here someone creat the boat and there someone make it drivable !

Making a vehicle is Lua but making it’s model is Modelling