About acquiring a PERP license

i wanted to ask if there is any way to acquire (by payment of-course) a original copy of PERP from the original creator / copyright holder.
if so i would like to ask how to do so and whom to contact since i don’t know who is the current copyright holder.

Thanks in advance.

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Not possible
PERP is buggy and crap anyway, you can probably find someone who’d give it to you if you ask around

No, i don’t want leaked versions.
I don’t want to be infringing copyrights i’m not an evil bastard i need to know how i can acquire a legal license

There is no such thing

“HZ” Apparently bought the copyright from PERP in USA, although they don’t show any documentation about he copyright…

You could ask them to give you a Illegally Legal Copy of PERP

I suggest you talk to Killslick about it, good luck with getting enough money to get a license though. You’d be better off coding your own.

a million people have “illegal” copies of PERP and nobody has been sued so

Maybe so but it doesn’t stop anyone from DDoSing them, and not to mention that several communities now don’t have PERP due to Killslick.

You don’t need a license.

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PERP isn’t for sell at all. There’s no “legal” version. Hunt never sale it and will never do that. if you want perp, learn lua and code it your self or go to google and look for a buggy one then debug it.

that’s it :slight_smile:

To be honest with you, hunts did give legal permission to SOME communities, and they have documents to prove it, but I just suggest you code a new.

Really ? :open_mouth:
Did he ?
Damn, I asked one to him…

Wasn’t there someone claiming they got the copyrights from Hunts and is trying to take down like every other PERP community? That there is reason enough to stay away from the gamemode. Not to mention the liklihood that you’ll be DDoS’d a few times just for running PERP and being a “threat” to their community.

You mean Killslick?

I guess. I don’t remember who. I just remember seeing a thread about it.

Oh god not this shit again.

There’s no legal owner the whole ownership deal for PERP is a jumbled mess of pseudo-legal crap where nobody involved ever had anything close to real legal representation. You can go ahead and use it, nobody is going to stop you unless misformatted DMCA notices where nobody states their real name scare you.

Just try to talk to Killshit but I doubt you will get anywhere. He will just try to threaten you with his fake DMCA bullshit.

So the only thing stopping him from using PERP is the vague threat of being DDoSed by some child or getting fake DMCA notices.

This forum has been over and over the issue of “private” lua scripts and the final consensus is always that there is no real legal repercussions to using a lua script. Nobody gives enough of a shit to actually lawyer up over something so absolutely meaningless. I can just imagine the look on some lawyer’s face as a 17 year old kid explains to him over the phone that someone has taken his buggy roleplay script and is hosting a server with it and he wants to sue.

Well hunts did sell venom the domain whether that came with the rights and how that would hold up im not really sure, but like always venom quit again and gave everything to killslick.

The only reason Killslick is trying to get the copyrights to the Pulsar Effect community and script is because he wants to keep milking it with shit like platinum and diamond donator. I’m sorta surprised that no one has simply just coded their own PERP gamemode from the ground up, and name it something like Cosmo Effect RP. Then just release it as open source like DarkRP, and continue to update it overtime with new features and such. After doing such Killslick wouldn’t be able to pull the DMCA bullshit, and he would also lose his precious cash cow.