About AK and Bolt Action blueprints..

Do you think that AK and Bolt action blueprints exists? If so, can you prove me?
Stupid question, but just curious. There is people saying they can craft them although there is people saying it doesn`t.

I found a boltaction blueprint on the official facepunch Amsterdam Server … so yes they exist for sure!

A guy my group runs with can craft them. He made us a bunch of them last night. Haven’t seen the bolt BP since the wipe last week though. But it’s out there.

I have found all gun blueprints but shotgun… I even have an extra snipe bp in my loot room… Extra rare…but they exist. Try trading for one!

i can craft ak’s on singapore official.

Does anybody want to trade them blueprints on amsterdam?

I can craft both on Dangerloot and it’s a vanilla server. Found the bolt in a barrel and the ak in rad town. On the other hand I have never come across armor or helmets :confused:

I did manage to find the metal chest plate and various clothing in barrels on Official Toronto.

Jealous! Yea, I know it’s possible. My friend found the plate bp the other day from a lucky barrel. I’ve got all the clothing except the vagabond and metal plate. Does anyone know if they are more rare than gun blueprints? To me it seems that way but it could just be the luck of the draw.

i got all bs in 2 weeks with barel framing in desert only waterpipe shootgun, hand grenade and coffecan helmet missing. it looks the loot table of barels not random funcion if current time and date. sometimes for a shor period all drop is a bp, but mostly useless things.

I play since january, and i have seen it just 2 times… just like the thompson blue print and i havent seen bolt action rifle blue print yet :rolleyes:

Radtown and barrels systems is just the worst thing that i ever seen

i got the bolt action blueprint couple of days ago after a combined total of 8-9 hours farming barrels and doing nothing else in the desert biome

You can find Blueprint for everything, I know because I did.

Im fine with the current system. It’s alot more rewarding if you spent 8 hours of barrelfarming for an blueprint on an vanilla server, then just get all the blueprints easily by playing on a modded server with “Better Loot”. I think it’s fair right now, if it takes a while to get the good blueprints. Btw even if you want a specific blueprint on a modded server you need to spend 3-5 hours barrelfarming.

Thats the problem, you need a lot of hours to find something good and sometimes even this way you dont get nothing…

Im tired of this, need too much time for blue prints, im getting bored of the game lately

They exist. Took me about a month to find an ak bp but I’m probably ok with that. It should take time. Now that we’ve had the bps for so long, 80-90% of my group can craft ak’s and probably 70-80% can craft bolt actions. If you play for any length of time, it becomes a non issue.

I experienced the coolest and most thrilling adventures while barrelfarming. Additional to that, you find the most other ressources while wandering the world, searching for barrels … so I wouldn’t want to miss that factor

exactly. I always made a point of trying to farm radtowns. not naked runs, but actually making a base there. most of radtowns are walled within the first 12h of a wipe on the server i play, so usually i need to work twice as hard to get that radtown loot. can you imagine the satisfaction when i raided the wall and placed my cupboards, got killed, they repair the wall 1h later, they forgot to patch one hidden spot where i was able to jump. 2 barrels left in radtown, and BAM, C4 blueprint. it took a few days of work and it paid off.

i still play around radtowns even if i have most of the blueprints. i must have found 6 AK blueprints since they were introduced, and even more C4 ones.

And by the way, they toned down the radtown good loot. i’ve been getting radtown loot for the past week continuously, and i found more gun BPs in barrels while farming than in the radtown itself. I’m pretty sure they have the same high-tier blueprint chances than regular barrels.