About backpack lock and the player name colors [Trello] and uk1 server

So, trello is a site with rust “todo list”
Theres idea for backpack locks that works like that-

**Backpacks remain locked for 5-10 minutes after a player dies
a lockpick item can be used to bypass this delay

I think the backpack idea is bad, and what if your’e a noob and you killed a kavler?
for ppls who didn’t saw, this is on “Gameplay Improvements” category

Please don’t add it, i’m sure other players don’t want it too

And about the name color thing, German Hoeffner and Garrys didn’t knew how it looks\how to to do it
so…i’ll explain

If your name on steam is-
Everyone in-game will see my name blue

it is possible even with more then one color, like [00FF78][vRs][B2F4FF]AmitKilo
Then the vRs (clan tag) goes green and my name goes blue
But you can’t use infinity colors, because of steam limit.

Backpack locks-
Zombie removal-
Suggestions and bugs-

To be honest I thought you were trolling when I saw this thread. What a ridiculous idea.

i know right?

its good… do it facepunch.

But i think we need backpacks implemented in the game, the standard one dont have lock, but one other have, and we need to see it behind players.

No Backpack - 10 slots
Standard Backpack - 20 slots
Small Lock Backpack - 20 slots
Big Lock Backpack - 30 slots

Dont like this idea.

Locked backpack? Wtf is this bullshit?, should they also add ingame aimbot for thoose who cant shoot? A house that built itself for thoose who cant gather without getting killed? While we are add it. Lets give everyone unicorns to ride, and exchange all weapons with lollipops, and rate the game 3+ years now we are at it.

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If you dont want your loot stolen, dont fkin die! If you cant fight, hide and scavenge

Really bad idea to add locked backpacks, happy to see I’m not alone at thinking that.

I’m REALLY against this idea as well, can’t you just hatchet the backpack? I don’t get why this is needed… its already hard enough to kill 2-3 people and having to picklock their backpacks now? I think this would be a negative impact to the gameplay.


Great it’s not only me :smiley:

What if we add a default craftable cloth item “backpack” which increases your slots from like 6 hotspots to your current amount, and one of the “backpacks” is a lockable one half/quarter size and whenever you add/remove/do anything to the items (such as reload gun) it takes 5 sec to “open” the bag and another 5sec to close the bag and otherwise items cannot be used? It could also be placable and would stick around for several hours. And like 5 metal fragments to create a lockpick which allows to “pick” the bag in let’s say 20 seconds?

Won’t help full kevlar guys or have any help in combat. Even better: you know they will come back to get their shit…

totally against the idea of having locked backpacks

better do Safes with combination codes, which ofc can be blowed up.

I hate this idea too,But if they implement it we should at least be able to pick up the whole backpack and walk away with it.

It would be good Idea only when Backpack would be craftable and worked similar to DayZs backpacks. So After dead player wound be allowed to loot your hands, pockets AND backpack… but couldn’t open it without lock pick of sorts.

Solution: Grab the backpack and run. Break it open with a rock (2min of hitting) or better (30sec of metal hatchet hitting) when safe at home.

…Or just dont add it, if you can grab the backpack, its the same like taking the stuff inside
also by that, you won’t have to stay at the battlefield while taking all the stuff
making it even easier to go with the stuff

Part of the challenge of this game is to be forced to protect your loot that you earned by slaying the crybaby whiner. The challenge is to pick up each piece one by one until you have what you want. This makes you a sitting duck for the guy who was watching the fight and decides to kill the victor and take BOTH people’s things.


hate this idea of locking a backpack…

I AM SOOOO GLAD the community agrees with me!!! everyone needs to get on here and show them we do not want this crap!

I guess this is due to the mindless killing and their attempt to try and stem it a little, which is good. It shows they notice the problem and are trying out different things to address this.

Before everyone flames me, im not saying lockable backpacks is the answer but it shows progress.