About CS:S, TF, etc. soon using SteamPipe

I thought of something:

If Garry couldn’t support CS:Go, Portal 2 and L4D2, that was because those games were using the SteamPipe system, right?
Then if CS:S, TF, DoD:S, etc. get to use it too, will GMod still support them?

That was just a little thought that came to my head right now.

From What I Remember Garry did Switch to his own version of the source engine so new updates wont break or apply to Garry’s Mod but I am sure he is looking into a way to get SteamPipe working… Correct Me if I Am Wrong

These are not Source Engine updates, this is a complete file rewind.

I think that Gabe should stop jerking and tweaking all of the 2004 crap, which is making every modder’s life a living hell, and just write HL3 already. He is milking all of the old stuff so hard (he even released the GoldSrc mod DeathMatch Classic as a standalone game). Is this some kind of joke? The weapons were copied from Quake 1 anyways…

Well TF needs actually some tweaking for me. Loading screens times are huge.

Can somebody please explain what SteamPipe actually is? I got plumbing stuff last time I tried to look it up.

That was surely not your answer.

This may help you alot.

Thank you.

I admit the plumbing thing was funny. I’m not sure how it happened but it was the first result.

I suspect that once these games get updated to steampipe, we may experience a huge loss of content until gmod supports steam pipe.

Huge loss of content meaning 85% of maps having missing textures or models. A ridiculous amount of maps use CS:S for some reason.

Actually I wonder what would happen when, after it happens, if you extracted the files and dumped them into the Garrysmod folder.

I suspect we wait and see what Garry says.

If that happens, thanks Gabe. Thanks.

Garry already loads the vpk files for Alien Swarm, Left 4 Dead and others, this should be no different. That said, there would also be nothing stopping Garry updating to use the vpk based filesystem over his own when this happens.


Well lets hope the Steamworks SDK update comes out real fast.

DM:C’s been on steam for forever