About donator job..

Hello my good fellows,

I have a problem and a question here.

My hitman class have been donator only now, and it works…

Admins, SuperAdmins, and higher ranks than SuperAdmins, can be Hitman.
But my moderator rank can’t be hitman…

I have added this in the shared.lua file:

return ply:GetUserGroup()==“donator” or ply:GetUserGroup()==“moderator”

and then I added this to the player.lua file:

if t == TEAM_HITMAN and !self:IsUserGroup(“donator”) and not self:IsSuperAdmin() and not self:IsAdmin()
then GAMEMODE:Notify(self, 1, 4, string.format(“This job is donator only! - Type !donate and make a donations :)”))


  • And Moderators can’t be hitman still.

I’m assuming you mean on DarkRP.

What are you setting their rank on (What admin system), If your using something like just ULX then that could be why, Set them to the rank on Fadmin as well (Since it’s pretty much built into DarkRP).

It in DarkRP yes…

And I use ULX yes, but are you sure about this can’t be done ?

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I have fixed this problem by myself…
Can be closed.

Not that it effects me in any way, but for people google searching this in the future, you really should post your fix. I hate finding threads that say fixed, but dont post a fix.

Try this.

return ply:GetUserGroup()=="donator" or ply:IsUserGroup("moderator")

Please mark as “Solved” instead of asking for it to be closed :slight_smile:

Would be also nice if you can told us how you solved it, I’m pretty sure that some people would like to know.

Yes allright… I will tell you.

Before I solved this problem, my shared and player.lua was:

Shared =

and player.lua:

Then I added this afterwards (“donator”):