About doors... [request / question]

I know that doors can only be opened by the person that placed them. Is there a way to bypass this? As in, allow designated people to open them?

If not, I suggest we get something akin to keys. Distribute them to the people we want and make them able to open our doors.

(Also, another question, how can I remove a wall I placed?)

Well, as I haven’t checked out every post in the Rust forum I can still say that there’s already tons of threads requesting for a way to make your friends able to open your door and I believe they will be making it possible soon.

For the second question,
You can only remove walls by grenades, decay or C4. I will recommend being much more careful when you place walls, doorways, windows etcetc, because if you first place it, you’ll have to waste so much resources to remove it.

Aw damn. Thanks for the response, but there really should be a way to quickly “undo” if nothing else… Anyway, thanks again :3

In regards to sharing the door with friends - https://trello.com/c/ZaPyVNBp
Kittystyle is right, the only way to remove walls at the moment is with explosives or decay. In the future there will be house ownership, so presumably you/friends could build and easily remove on the house but others couldn’t. Not sure about the building thing, they may still be able to build, but that would be negated by the easy removal of placed objects. https://trello.com/c/CGPSqMll