About Friday Devblog 7

When they post the Friday Devblog 7???

When they decide to.

ya im interested to :smiley: when is this happening :smiley:

They didn’t do shit, Garry is looking up what to write.

On Friday. Patience.

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You’re a bad troll.

Dunno, i m just pissed with the “updates” they released.

Not it’s true, I saw garry has an account on fakedevblogs.net

ugh :v:

I’d love to see the game you’re working on where you can crank out updates like its nothing.

i gotta believe they are hard working and didnt even got time for dev blog.

Let’s refresh http://playrust.com/ together, guys. Garry is our saviour.

Check out “The Fun Pimps” and their release schedule and progress. By comparison, Rust is going backwards! :rock:

I just hope the wait is worth it. I really REALLY have high hopes for Rust. I desperately want to see it turn in to something amazing!

The new devblog just went up.

Swimming, that’s interesting.

well I just played around on the experimental server and its looks cool. they have been hard at work.