About Germany 1 (dev) and why it might be the only server you see.

Right now I’m testing some changes that will likely go live. We use the “Germany 1 (dev)” for this purpose.

So if you are looking for “Germany 1 (dev)” or want to help test patches ( on the one server ) you need to set rust’s beta to ‘dev’ until we decide that theres no issues preventing us from pushing the update out. Once the update has been pushed out, you’ll see all the server again (after they’ve been restarted) until we need to test some changes at a later time.

And the reverse, if you only see “Germany 1 (dev)” and are wondering where the servers when that you ushually play at you need to set rust’s beta to ‘opt-out’

To change the beta setting follow these steps.

1. You must have rust closed. If you continue the steps from here on out while rust is open, it will look like theres only one option to pick because it does not let you change this setting while the game is running.



Go to the Library page on steam, right click rust and select properties.



Locate the BETAS tab and click it.



From the drop down menu under "Select the beta you would like to opt into and close the window.
NONE if you do not wish to participate and/or want all servers at all times (besides, dev servers like Germany 1)
dev if you want to test out pending changes to client and sometimes (like now) server changes on dev only servers

You can switch this value at any time. A update will often follow after closing the window.