about high external stone gate

hey guys,

with new update , we can take down high external stone walls with 3 c4 , how about high external stone gate? is it the same or like 4-5 c4?

thank you.

I’m pretty sure it is the same.
In my opinion i think it should be 4 c4 for walls and gates.

its 3 c4 for a wall. check last update devblog 97. they changed that.
ty for the answer btw

Yes i know its 3 c4, I was just saying that it would be better if the walls and gates took 4 because it would make them better. Now you could save a ton by just make a ring of foundations and put down walls and upgrade them to stone and it takes 4 c4 to blow up.

You’d have to put 2 walls down. Just to clarify.