About hiring someone for modelling/rigging

Hey, so I’ve been looking for the possibility of getting a custom player model for GMod made for myself. I don’t necessarily expect this to be done for free, I can pay for it… Maybe. That brings me to my question… I have no idea on the pricing for these sorts of things. For a model built completely from scratch, what would be a fair price do you think? I’d also like to know what sort of pricing I should be considering for reskinning an existing model, or rigging a ragdoll to be used as a playermodel.

Additionally, can I make such a request here and expect it to be answered, assuming I have the money to pay appropriately for it? Or is there some other place I should go for such things?

Generally here is fine. Just post up details on how you want it done and im sure someone will take you up on it.

Alright, I appreciate it! Any info on general price ranges?


Like Cra0kalo said, you should be fine if you post the necessary info here. As for a price range, I’ve literally seen it be anywhere from being completely free to maybe $20-$25 at most. It ranges in all honesty, but that’s what I’ve seen by looking around on other sites.

Don’t be an asshat, dude. It doesn’t cost $1500 for a player model.

Depending on the complexity and the artist, 100 dollars seems like a fair starting point.

You’re right, that’s probably for a professionally done model. What did you have in mind OP?

It wouldn’t cost that much to be done professionally either.

Ah, thanks for all the replies! That looks to be a little lower than what I actually expected. Though I did hope for a decently high-quality model, so it looks I should be prepared to spend at least around 100$ on it. I’ll have to see if I can dig up some pictures that look similar to what I want since I’m bad at descriptions.

Thanks again for all the info guys!