About keys,

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Here’s a key, enjoy mate!


ill take this as a sign to make a better portfolio


Or just don’t ask for keys.

fair enough

Modellers and mappers have the unique advantage of being a solely visual form of development, as programmers can only usually show their code in text form, modellers and mappers can create assets and show them with pictures.

You should probably show some pictures.

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i’m guessing i should specifically state that it is nothing more that a portfolio? and try to not fall into the trap of begging for keys?

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Modellers and mappers are not accepted for nominations as far as i’ve experienced

That’s wrong, we are just more picky when it comes to modellers and mappers.

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Ratatouille seems to be right though, Garry kinda stopped letting modellers and mappers in, WhaleShark, who makes very good models, especially compared to the average modeller that got in, had a nomination with 20 upvotes and was denied.

Meanwhile, you go to Modeldoc and see that most of what everyone’s doing is porting from games or their gmod addons.