About local chat

There will be option to use global chat left, or it will always be local?

I have no idea how to search people to trade stuff, find people to your group, or just speak with players who live far away from you… Without global chat you cannot even give advices for some newbies, when doing nothing in long cold nights…

It’s aways been global chat… No idea what your talking about guy… If you mean local chat only on mic… Yea… that kinda makes sense.

Text chat is now local.

I’m sure we’ll figure it out.

No global chat please. There is no logical explanation behind this, how could a cavemen communicate with another cavemen waay on another biome? You mighy craft yourself wi-fi, but I don’t even think that’s a thing. That make no fucking sense.

Hey, good news to the inevitable whiners who think this is the end of the world:

server.globalchat 1

There, global chat’s back, don’t whine. If your server admin doesn’t set this once they update to the local-chat build, and you want them to, whine at them, not here.

I’m thinking I will leave this off for a while - Legacy Rustessentials had direct chat mode that caused the same functionality, and it made things quite interesting. It is a survival game after all!

anyone know what kind of range “local” is?

Yeah, some dude was shooting at my house; couldn’t have been more than 500m away, but wasn’t responding. I killed him of course, but wanted to tell him that first; it’s the least I could do.