About Lua coding

Is it possible to make a New Life Rule timer that goes up to 5 minutes
like so

someone gets killed, and they die in a area,
if they run back they will get teleported outside a bubbel of that area
for example like 5-10 meters away
to avoid them being able to take over their base or where they attempted to do anything at
instead of just killing them and make them wait 5 minutes
to respawn again??
if so please reply, and i would like a bit of help with this
since im in the process of learning Lua.

You can use ents.FindInSphere() to check for entities in a N radius from XYZ position.

do you have any tips on how i can start a project, like any basic rules about lua coding i have to learn? if so can u forward me to it with links ?

rules? Like never repeat yourself? Never trust the client?

Like in what you have to know about before starting anything.

Wouldn’t it be easier to check the player’s distance to the position (s)he died at rather than iterating through that table?

There’s not really anything you have to know before you start, but I’d recommend you invest some time in learning Lua itself before you try to tackle this.

Here’s some useful links:

I personally started by reading the book and found that to be immensely helpful. But hey, each to their own.

ok ill look into it.