About multicore rendering...LOLWUT

Enabling multicore rendering in options sets mat_queue_mode to -1, and disabling it sets it to 0.
And I get more FPS when it´s disabled. What the fuck?

Anyway, isn´t multicore rendering enabled when mat_queue_mode is set to 2?

I´m using a laptop with a Core 2 Duo 2.00 GHz, Nvidia 9600M GT and 4 GB RAM. Windows 7 64 Bits.

Any idea? What is better, mat_queue_mode -1, 0, 2 or 990808297?

mat_queue_mode 1337. I’d stake my reputation on it.

Inb4 stack overflow.

I think the multicore in GMod is dodgy.

I tried mat_queue_mode 8 and works exactly like mat_queue_mode 0

Garry, can you take a look at this? It makes not sense that disabling multicore rendering in optiones gives you more FPS that enabling it… :frown:

He’s using a rather slow core 2 processor, it’s very likely he won’t see any benefit to multicore rendering, so obviously he should disable it. The only valid options for mat_queue_mode are “-2, -1, 0, 1, 2” I believe, those all control the queue mode for the material system. I would only recommend ever setting it to -1 or 0. The others will likely give you issues. I have seen improvements in FPS by using -1.

Yeah, but what can each one do?
I mean, what will mat_queue_mode 2 do? And -2, -1, 0, and 1?

Also, even when I am using a Core 2 Duo, the fact of using both cores is supposed to increase FPS. Maybe only a bit. One FPS more. But, less FPS? It does not make sense!

Sorry if I wrote something wrong…I am from Spain :slight_smile:

Anyone? I just want to know what will do each one.

Multicore rendering lessens my fps too. I have Core 2 duo P7550, @2.26GHz

Would this work on a Quad Core?

Multicore doubled my fps, and I’m on a quad core.

Multicore rendering won’t turn your PC into a mainframe. All it does is spread the load. This means if you have a shitty CPU, it will have a lower but more consistent framerate. A good CPU will maintain a higher FPS, and keep it consistent.

I see. So I will use it only in my desktop computer (quad core)
Does someone know WHAT THE FUCK means each number in mat_queue_mode?