About performance

Under the new engine, how does the game perform on low to mid-range pc?

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Alyx performed strangely well at lower end VR PCs while still looking amazing, and that’s with the burden of running VR. With the removal I’d imagine it’d run pretty good. Though it’s not gonna run on the laptops some people are chugging GMod with

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Due to the nature of s&box, you could probably run the base game on nearly everything.

Issue is, addons are what makes s&box, and we can’t really guess how performance expensive those can be, considering we now also have high quality user assets to add into the performance equation.

You can probably run base s&box on a laptop, but could you run the popular game modes?

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I hope that under the rich mods, source 2 can perform well

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If you are asking about performance on a low-mid pc, you don’t have a low-mid pc, you probably have a 10 years old laptop.
Anyways, this post is similar so check out the replies:


Let’s face it, most of them will be about as high quality as in Gmod. Most of the improvement is going to be with the focus of C# and authoring tools. AAA level assets are not feasible for one person and aren’t really necessary, to begin with. Gmod Assets can look really nice and we have hit a point anyway where textures will do more good than model Geo under most circumstances which source 2 does massively better with. The best part is that they are fairly cheap compared to model geometry too.