About phx3 and wireCO.

Sorry i am a noob to all this but i just need to find out a little info.

I’v setup the folder and downloaded PHX3 and wireCO without a prob.

Now when i export them to the garys addon folder i lose the green ticks?
Now do i just copy phx3 folder to the addons folder same with Adv Duplicator,wire and wire model pack 1?

As exporting them just don’t get the ticks to update the folder later.
I could keep the main folders but that’s wasting over 1 gig on the hd enough for a game or extra addons.

Also when using the sec mouse button to drag and export do i pick.
svn export versioned items here
svn export all items here.

I did read the faq but the export was not quite clear.
I would really like the green tick folders because that way it would make life a lot easer to update rather than exporting the files all the time after an update.

ty for you’re time.

[edit]btw i do not have a pirate version before ppl jump on that band wagon.
I’ll post my profile if needing proof,as i cannot seem to link it proper in the forum edit profile settings.

Hmm. With me I usually just download the SVN updates to a folder somewhere. Then I open it up and look for the folders that contain an ‘info.txt’ file. Those are the folders that go in Garrysmod’s ‘Addon’ folder. I just move or copy them over and it is all good. Neither update all that frequently so I don’t have to do this very often. If you need some more help just let me know, I’m happy to help.

Wire: http://www.wiremod.com/forum/installation-malfunctions-support/4-wiremod-svn-guide.html

PHX: http://www.wdgaming.net/forums/ttt-server-69-197-189-10-27015/12512-how-get-phx3-svn.html

Ty guys so it’s safe just to move the folders and not export them.
As ppl say if you don’t exporting them,it slows garys mod down.

So that’s the part i’m sort of confused about.
also there is two options of exporting when mouse dragging them to the folder.

Anyway i’ll just copy and past the folders then.
ty for you’re help.

You export them to get rid of all the hidden .svn files in the addons, these are the files that tell tortoise what needs updating. Without those files you will lose the green ticks because the exported addon folder is no longer compatable with tortoise.

Basicly have a seperate folder with all the downloaded addons then export to your main addon folder.
As for the “export all items here” and “exported versioned items here” you pick either of them, it’s doesn’t matter if you’re just updating the addon but if you’re replacing stuff because you think it’s broken do “export all items here”