About players and server admins.

Is it ever possible to play in a server where is not any hackers?
That’s so boring if you lose all your stuff every game for a hacker.
And server admins don’t care about most of the hackers.
Can we get rid of the hackers some day, I feel like I will uninstall my game near 300 hours with hackers, getting tired of this already.

Ping me for our netconnect. I’m about as active as you can be for an admin (online via steam mobile almost 24/7) and we have pages and pages of people we’ve banned.

Same here

Your post made me register so I can tell you that players like yourself are whiny bitches. Please find me the one admin, serious about his server (That he pays for), that could care less about hackers/cheaters. You gits think we have nothing else in our lives to cater to your pathetic complaints.

  1. You think we’re expected to ban anyone that is haccused? Servers would be empty.
    —How about do your part and start recording and sending up PROOF, not just some video of someone, who is pro, and killed you legit.
  2. Be patient, you’re not the only player with issues.
  3. Get yourself a server, I give it a week before you start hating posts like these.
    —If you can keep a populated server for a week, and not agree with all of this, I will pay for your server’s next month of service.

There should be some sort of central database containing a banned list. Information should include, date, steamid, who banned steamid, server, and the server owners contact information

This has been brought up a couple times before. It’s just not a good plan, too many ways to exploit it. If servers started adopting a community ban list then anyone who has a grudge could just put someone’s steamid onto the list and screw them over.

Until they add more admin tools to the game itself there isn’t much you can do. Best thing is to find a server with good admins. I believe my server fits what you want if you wanna send me a PM for more info.

Agreed. That’s why the server owner’s contact information (Verified) is needed. If the owner is found to be abusing, just remove that server from the ban list.

Of course this all needs to be thought out more with more brainstorming

Isn’t the whitelist in play?