About PROTECTION home and respawn resources

This game requires serious improvement in terms of protecting the house. One day you can get make a lot of C4 and raided any home. Any complexity. Nevermind, have 3 doors or more.
You sit there and build your house all day. When built, came out and went to bed. In the morning you wake up and see that your house smashed and everywhere somebody put walls and iron doors… I need to build a house from zero.
If wood structure (door, wall, stairs…) need 1 C4 for destroy, iron structure need 2 C4.
Maybe need to enter the game more structure ? For example after iron - brick. Then titan…something what.
The rest of the game is good. And you did update about airdrops “Servers can now specify a minimum amount of players for airdrops to occur”. Maybe need to enter the game and such an option to resources? If in server 50< players - resources respawn with rate x1. If in server 50> players - resources respawn with rate x2. Something like that.

the best defense is to make you home as un interesting as possible and put it in as uninteresting an area as possible. because c4 always wins. i come home from work every day expecting to be dead with no resources, if i am still alive i consider that a pleasant surprise

the hell is c4 in the game anyway.

making c4 more expensive is the obvious solution IMO. Raiding should be a bigger event than just showing up to a house and blowing down the door.

after you get the blue prints to make c4 it’s really not all that expensive to build. So access to houses is rather simple.

It does cause people to come up with more complex designs, but you can also just build stairs up to the top and boom…

maybe they could think about once you put a foundation down a certain space around that foundation can not be built by other people… Then the more complex designs actually work.

raiding is a part of the game that I don’t see going away so learn to live with it… 3 doors is not secure at all it takes 3 doors in my metal house before you even get to a real room and that is my kitchen you need to go threw at least another 10 doors to get to any have decent loot more resources won’t fix it either as it means more c4 as well… i don’t ever see them making homes unlootable so get some friends and start protecting eachother

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c4 costs a lot more then a metal door and cost you way more to make so you should have more doors then I have c4

i think it would also help if you could allow access to friends to doors… that way groups of people could work on one secure structure.

Theory is good but admins who can spawn loot and unlimited c4 trump this careful planning even when you have set up a large group with defense and an array of metal doors. C4 is way too easy to get even without admins spawning loot. (i’m making an assumption here based on a new server large buildings made of time consuming materials to be built in half a day and the person being an admin) I guess you have to get a server with a trustworthy admin. Still C4 loot ain’t that rare unless its a full server where resources and loot are harder to get. I’m not sure if drop rates of loot is scaled or not, again I admit pure speculation. I’m new and still finding info out, issues aside its an addictive game.

You dont ever see… I’m see. Look:

But for build this house, you must no one and friends must help you. And if you house no raiding in PVP server…

To those crying that C4 is too easy to make, I can guarantee that you haven’t made one explosive charge yourself.

well that could be your house , you jsut have to put your real belongings some where else. distraction is the key

You wrong! make c4 - its easy! I make self more 10… This is a problem!

explosives are pretty easy to make.

The house you linked doesn’t exactly have the best design, but it’s still likely a pretty secure location. At that size, the amount of C4 you’d need to reach loot rooms likely eclipses the reward you’d receive for getting to them.

Thats really the goal in the end. Make it too expensive for your enemies to bother raiding you. Build high. Pillar block. It’s not that hard.

i had a house with 9 metal doors to get to my gun stash… even had 3 metal doors on rooms that had nothing, came back after 8 hours of not playing and all 12 metal doors were gone…all i had was 2 pistols and an M4 so im sure the ones who raided wernt very happy but still… am i going to have to farm and build 12 metal doors every day… ridiculous

Explosive charges take a lot more to make than what people are crediting lol.

Back then it only took 250 gunpowder and 50 sulfur. Compared to now, C4 have 10x the amount they used to cost. Plus they take forever to make as well.

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