About Rust... Hello Gary, Holmzy, Holmzy here are some bugs and comments that could interested you, maybe ? :)

You guys do a great job, I mean the game is great, ever since I got it, I’ve had so much fun.

I’ve got a few comments, as an alpha tester, I share my input, other players, feel free to add any comments

  • About crafting, knowing that you need 1000 Gun powder to get 4 C4 (and this is fine to me, it really is), but the clicking is really crazy, are we going to have something more evolved ? I’m saying this because that system actually encourages building as opposed to raiding, the whole process of creating C4 have to be long, yes, but not “annoying”.

  • The crafting itself is a bit annoying, especially searching for what you are crafting to cancel it, why not introducing** a new page with the item actually being crafted ?** That would be much easier and probably easy to do. **A button “cancel all” could be a plus in case of emergency. (bullets, bandages, etc…) **

  • The stairs are not quite aligned with the doors frames, making it awkward to get to the top of your own base on some occasions.

  • The tool cupboard 3D blue model (before you place it) is poorly accurate, giving the importance of tool cupboard, it would be a plus to have a really accurate positioning of this item when you are placing it.

  • I’m sorry to say it but the light on the closed code lock is still not right. Can we have actual RED instead of that really “whitish” red ?

  • About furnaces, could we have a system where the** cursor “sticks” to thousands values, e.g 1000 2000 3000 4000** **when maintaining the alternate fire button **? everybody deals with these values during trading anyway and that could be a nice feature.

  • Reboots stucks furnaces and lanterns, it is a shame (for the furnace) and a possible bug exploit for lanterns (you put them on rock everywhere around your base, and you’ve got a nice FREE advantage against opponents.
    -** Could the lanterns work like this 60 woods = 60 seconds** ? instead of 40ish ? That could be nice to know when they’d run out

  • Research tables : It could be interesting to get the people out of their dens by finding an item to allow a research to be performed. That item could be found in barrels, radtowns or airdrop, otherwise this is really OP. I had no BP although I was playing in a major clan, after the update, it was only a matter of paper until I got ALL the BP and made massive and crazy money selling them. **That system will slow down the global server arms race and promote interaction between players **

  • The horse is not fully implemented, not only it is obvious that the gathering was copy paste from the wolf, and there is no sound (or generic) when you gather from it. Not that it is a game spoiling problem, but that could have been overlooked, it’s not neat.

  • The bolt shoots slightly to the left, I think it is down to the positioning of the 3D model instead of a real intention. It could be nice to fix that ?

  • Also : sometimes the chat disappears (you have to quit completely the game to solve that), sometimes the steam avatar of somebody speaking, in the bottom left corner stays there forever.

  • Also bis : The codelocks on boxes sometimes disappear.

  • The ladders made me pause the game for now, I’ll play when you come up with something interesting but right now, I won’t be part of the crying players : we need tools for raiding, as I described, I’d be more than happy to raid more if the tools where here.** Ladders is the right direction. **

I think the ladder should only be laid on top of a ceiling, any fondations or of course the ground itself (if laid on a wall for example), but no everywhere like it is made of glue.

Love you guys, keep up the good work !


Sorry for spelling mistake, I’m French !