About Rust

Hello everybody i wanted to start a little conversation about rust. I love all the job what garry do and i like playing rust.
The problem is the survival.
Why? Here’s my list.
-Guns are too easy to get what make that game a simple deadmatch. Why?
People playing Rust. They dont care about survival. Newbie with a rock come and attack you. A guy with a gun come and kill a newbie when he just spawned and said “hi”. Why not make them more harder to find?
-Kevlar is too easy to get too. Take a shotgun with ammo and go kill infected animals. Why not make it harder to find?
Those are mine 2 propositions i know you guys gonna tell me its bullshit but i dont really care about that.
I would like you to leave a comment about what you maybie want to change in rust or why you dont like my propositions.
Sorry for my English.