About server admins

Hey, I have a question.
Why the hell are admins able to use legal speedhack and wallhack? In my opinion, admins have to be able to kick, to ban and to restart - that’s it. Don’t you think so?

If its there server I fully expect at-least one of the admins to have hacks to be able to catch other hackers, I know this because it takes hackers to ban hackers.

Agreed, admins need as much capability as possible. As for finding a server where the admin won’t abuse that is another story. My server had that with me until the community died due to lag.

Well, this game is about survival, so people shouldn’t have privileges. Because for many players it is a temptation.

Why admins need hacks?
I can teleport and spawn everything without hacks on moded server. I dont need esp or aimbot to do admins job. The other players can tell me if someone is hacking and then I just check them out, if they do I can ban them. Why hack, I dont get it?

How you can verify a well-configured aimbot, or ESP, if you can’t spectate them?
How you teleport on a ssupicious user, you can hide the tp message, but not you nickname…
if he have ESP he can see you as well other player…

I’m italian, and believe me, i can’t hear all accuse from my server user… 85% are whiner, and after 2 headshot all of them are shouting “Cheater”…

I am an admin of a server and at times we have had quite a few players. I have had no trouble admining the server and banning hackers without the use of any sort of speed or esp hacks. That’s just ridiculous, and anyone claiming this is necessary obviously doesn’t know what they are talking about.

A good admin that ‘really’ knows what he is doing will know that he doesn’t even have to be in the game at all to handle these problems; not even logged onto the server. Admins have access (if the GSP allows, and a smart admin will be sure it does) to .cfg files and .log files. The .cfg files let an admin ban by SteamID, username, etc. and the .log files can be referenced to see every single command any user has ever tried to type. You can literally read in print the hacks taking place in the log files without witnessing anything (for some hacks). For other hacks that are client side ‘hooks’ there are other methods which I won’t go into depth about here.

I agree with the OP, and I think that admins being able to teleport and spawn in items and things is really unnecessary. I wouldn’t mind it a bit if these rights were revoked, and that’s coming from an admin of a Rust server. Cheers, hope this is both informative and eye-opening for the community.

I wasn’t aware there was a legal wallhack and speedhack. They can teleport to a player but that’s about it. If you’re talking about admins cheating they’ll get caught and banned like everyone else, eventually.

As a matter of fact, this is 100% accurate as well. By default, Rust does NOT allow admins to speedhack or wallhack. That would require the installation of additional mods for the admin to even be able to do it. So basically, if there are admins out there saying “Hey this is my right as an admin to do this.” those people are lying and had to install 3rd party mods to give themselves extra ‘bonuses’.

Well, i see it’s all about human factor, and i hope there will be most admins like Ebb.

These complaints only make sense if you assume admins are actually playing like (and against) ‘normal’ players, .nd using their powers to beat other players or gain some advantage. If, like my server, the admins are mature enough to understand that cheating ruins the game for yourself (in a multiplayer game), then there’s nothing to worry about.

Of course admins should be able to spawn items and resources - if they couldn’t, there wouldn’t be servers with events, contests etc with prizes, let alone fantastic arena structures and other creations made with admin resources. I’ve used about 8,000 pillars so far on a pair of floating islands connected with a skybridge, over 575 foundations in size so far (and there’ll probably be another island or two soon) and 7-12 stories up in the air. I tend to build with my playing time instead of actually playing, and now I’m writing mods too - I wrote the current Decay Control mod which hundreds of servers are using to keep their buildings intact.

Saying admins shouldn’t have these powers is like saying police shouldn’t have weapons because some of them abuse their position of power and the weapons make those abuses worse. The real problem isn’t the powers (or police weapons), it’s the mindsets of the abusers. Unfortunately the vetting process for Rust server admins is practically nonexistent - if you can come up with $20 from somewhere, you’re in. Bottom line is, though, those people would be abusive and ruin your gaming experience even if all they had was kick and ban.

Some people don’t appreciate contents / pre-builts etc. I’m assuming players come to your server as you’ve advertised it as such - which is fine.

I don’t want to pop your bubble but… There is no legal speedhack or wallhack…

Obviously, I meant the legal way to use it.

There is no legal way to use it.

That’s all about that thread.

So… this thread is pointless?

Since there is nothing like that, no command or anything.

*brains.exe has stopped working.

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problem is,admins gives admin privileges to easily

Your post is pointless. Many admins use hacks and many people think that is normal. If you have nothing to say - don’t.

If a server owner was able to get -insecure into the launch options for the server, then they can freely hack, and so can everyone else on that server. If they didn’t, they will be banned just like any other player. Admins are not exempt from CheatPunch or VAC.