about sleepers ? just a thought

after the sleepers has been brought into the game i have noticed alot of people dislikeing the idea and some of my friends. My conclusion of this idea is that it makes it harder to start off i lost full kevlar and m4 because i had a shitty base the metal ore and sulfur ore is very easy to get and but the wood is harder to get but wooden planks is harder to get because it is deffiantly certain you will be attacked during harvesting resources. I was thinking rather than having your body there asleep all the time your logged off how about leaving your body to sleep for 1-3 hours then after that your body does dissappear because it keeps all the advantages of sleepers, it gets rid of combat logging which is the biggest problem and it also makes looting better but most important the rust customers will be happy because its in the middle, Garry and his team gets what they want and the rust player also has less reason to be tense while off game or less time to be tense while off game

But then the problem of people just putting all their valuables in their inventory and logging off for safe keeping arises once again. I personally like the sleeper idea and I think it works just fine, the only problem for me is the random server crashes when ur out in the middle of nowhere unsafe thinking about whether ur body is still there or not.

But the game I transferring to steam soon so I know it’ll get fixed :slight_smile:

but their bodies will be there for a good 3 hours of being offline to me sounds like its a good thing. You could be raiding a house and you get to the loot room nothing there but you look in the corner or other rooms for a body and then you come across a sleeper which has everything on him ? there’s still that risk of losing everything in that 3 hours of your body been there and to me it doesn’t sound to be because everyone just goes raiding anyway.

garry has already specifically said he does not like the idea of you being teleported to safety somewhere while you’re sleeping. You also really should’ve used this thread instead of making a new one.

Just the idea of being teleported to saftley after 3 hours is gay, what fun is that? I would like to know that SOMEONE Is inside the building I am raiding unless the are out gathering resources