About Sniper Rifles in Dust

Hello my name is no one is interested in my name.
Ok i dont want see any SNIPER RIFLES with scope and without, because i think it would ruin the whole gameplay, why ? because i love the close combat like it is now, shotgun is usefull even melee weapons are.
I dont want RUST become like dayz or warz, why ? because:
-right now, there are many bad players who care only about killing other players
-such bad players would just be spawn killers, killing fresh spawned players
-the gameplay would get more boring and boring, because most of players would only use “safe distance weapons” (sniper rifle)

I know there are people who love sniping in games, it’s only my opinion, and i would be happy if someone would agree with me, and sorry for my English.

… you should really change the name to rust, not dust, i thought you were talking about dust 514


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im noot smaaaaaaart enought to change the tiiitle

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cant change the title, i dont know how

I instantly thought de_dust… I play a lot of CS :v:

Maybe some people want some variation in combat. I think using a rifle with a high powered scope would be a great addition to being able to defend your outpost.

It would also be a great addition to spawn campers :stuck_out_tongue: But I would like some sort of long range weapon in this for things like defending home :confused: All I want is a mechanical bow with a scope :stuck_out_tongue:

With a map like this, it would be severely overpowered, I feel the game does not need a scoped rifle.

This game is two things: Kill-or-be-killed, and Be-smart-or-be-killed. If you aren’t badass enough to kill someone else before they get you, then become smart enough not to get killed.

The spawn system randomly deposits you around the map. There is no such thing as “Spawn-Killers”, just unlucky people that happen to spawn around mean players.

The game would not be more boring, it would be more exciting. Think there is a sniper around? Stick to the rocks, stay on the move, run in erratic patterns, use the trees for cover…there are so many ways to deal with snipers that if you get killed by one, it’s your own damn fault.

I would honestly on support the addition of peep sights or 2x to 4x magnification scopes.
Anything more is just risking people sniping players from the top of hills.

Sniper rifles would make the game a lot less fun in my opinion. IF you can just sit back and kill people from 1000 meters away trolling/pvp becomes less of an emotional thing… and more like day z in that whoever sees whoever first, wins. Granted this style of sit around and ambush/wait is realistic etc… rust drew me in because its not as slow paced like dayz. Raiding is just pure fun. Its about cover/dodging and good aim. sniping is about just waiting and killing unsuspecting people. Either way, game is awesome and I will play it…

I would guess their lack of inclusion is perhaps because the dev team is also unsure of how it would change the game.

Just make it so community servers can ban specific weapons/mods. Then everyone is happy.

First, 95% of the people here don’t want sniper in the actual state of the Alpha…

After, if you talk about a x2, x4 sniper, with durability(repairable), uncraftable and rare(5% chance to loot in a Donjon (yes i said donjon, why not)), then maybe we’ll talk

Actually there is no way near that 95% people don’t want a sniper more like half.
Sort tes sources de ton cul peut-etre ? :slight_smile:

It should just be very hard to craft a sniper, so something like 75 low quality metal and it should not use a 14x zoom…

Just a few things,

  1. Bolt action rifles with long range scopes most likely well be added
  2. The map size is consistently going to be growing, before you steam noobies came in they previewed a map that’s about 3-4 times the size of the current map
  3. It’s a game of survival, adapt or die