About some of [Arche] comunity.

I’ve been raided last night by few of them. They had plenty of c4. I cant imagine amount they’ve used to, first destroy few of my doors and then WALLS!!, when i decided to rebuild all doors.
I dont mind raids coz this is part of this game. I rly enjoyed watching them trying to get in (i had kind of maze with about 20 metal doors on the way). It was fun.
The only thing i rly dont like is the fact they walled me in my own house. This is kind of animalish behaviour.
We need to do something with it because basicly they refuse my right to test the game.


Walling a base is only acceptable if there’s still a way to get in and out, as for denying ambush, or when the victim combatlogs/logs with all the things in their inventory as soon as the raid starts or during it.

Where is that rule writen on?

There’s no rule on it. It’s just a thing you don’t do unless that happens, otherwise you get a lot of enemies. There are thieves, but there’s always an honor amongst them.

Guess you hit a spot Ottr - Did you combat log, Humble?

I mean you can always just suicide and you would only have lost whatever you had on you when you log, so basicly they’re not denying you the right to test the game. NExt time instead of logging, pick your stuff and try to make a run if you cannot fend them off :slight_smile:

They didnt wall my base they walled around spot where i logged off :wink: So now im trapped in a square cage of wooden walls inside of my house.

Your own fault then.

They were everywere mate. And my house was like a real maze. You have to go spiral to get to the middle where all my stuff was. Not possible to run from there. If i would add any emergency exit it could weaken my whole defence system which was that maze. Almost 20 solid metal door to brake.

Should’ve left then.

The Paterno Family will come to your aid when we come home from work :slight_smile:

send me a msg with ur skype name and we will work something out. I am guessing u play on the Eu right? cause thats where we had trouble with the archie dudes getting all the drops :stuck_out_tongue:

I did. They broke everthing and walled me in a cage tho :wink:

As in run away.

Your own fault for it happening, no right to complain yada yada yada

F1 > suicide

Arche group just raided one of our houses:/ to bad the computers at work are to bad to fight back

Damn, Arche are running wild while im at studies, they better not have offline raided us or shits about to hit the fan :smiley:

Regarding you logging Humble. It only makes sense. They used charges trying to get to your loot and then you log out leaving them with minimum or nothing. - Ultimately you just do suicide and you lose the items you already would have lost from the raid - only thing is now the raiders do not get the benefit of looting you. Which is lame.

Im not collecting resources for 2 days to give them away for some assholes who think they own the server :slight_smile:
Im preety sure i killed one when they were struggling with second door ;D

well like i said Before, if you need help getting out of ur Cage msg me and we help you when we come home :smiley:

Sure thing. Thanks :wink:
Im working at the moment too. Will be in touch

Hi, im [Arche]Vukodlac .

We love pvp, and we try to be Fair play !
We never grief house, never, you can insult us, we dont grief your house .

BUT … we have a rule, Industrial house, is the best way for a noob to found BP, make an house on an industrial = unfair .

so, the reason of this wall

Industrial house
Taunt “you can do wath you wanth my house is to much perfect for you” … lol …
you glitch for fire has fault a wall of the industrial building
you disconect when i enter …

we have wait 20 minuts to try to catch you … after that i have decide to make this wall, beacose you grief with all your house on this industrial building . Industrial is a kick starter for noob ! you cannot close it for your self !

I wanna let the industrial building open to everybody !

And i repeat, we NEVER grief in house .
we build only that for raid :
wood barricade .

only the pillar is unbreakable, but you can use it for expend your house…

we dont own the server, we are a normal group, and we try to own the valley when we live . and only this valley .
After that we roam on the map, and when we watch an opportunity to pvp…
When we look a faggot build on an industrial building

We engage the figth instantly !

We are not invinsible, and we know it :wink: we are not arrogant, dont say that man, its wrong .

Its an full pvp Territory war game ^^ wih no rule

So… be fair its the only one rules .

without this rules, its the chaos… full grief… full troll …

Your arguments seems to make sense. But you guys knew i was inside. You could ask me to move all my stuff away from this place so you can open it for newbies to help them get bp. Instead of this you clearly said “we will kill you”. So i accepted chalange and you won coz you got to my stash. The only thing i dont understand is why you walled me inside with resource box inside so no one can get out and no one can get in to get it. Doesnt make sense coz basicly you made it unavilable for other players :wink: