About Steam go-live => Wipe possibility

Good evening,

as we currently get flooded with this question, I’ll give a short overview here. Today/Tomorrow/in the next days Rust. alpha will be switched to Steam completely. With this change, all Player IDs change (your current webclient ID obviously isn’t your real steamid).
That means you loose access to all your doors anyway. We will make the decision depending on some factors, but mainly if Garry wipes or wants us to wipe.

The possibility is relatively high.

Of course we won’t guarantee anything :wink:

Thanks for the heads up!

Woo Hoo! Thanks for the update.

Thanks for letting us know. I am really looking forward to the Steam switch , and i hope the executing of it will happen without any problems.

No problem. :wink:
Wonder, are you guys wasting your stuff now or save it?

Im up for wipe. So cheaters can’t have tons of loot in their houses.

It’s not like I was that far along anyways. Thanks for the info, can’t wait to actually have a decent FPS rate!

Wipe the servers for the love of god, hackers have taken all my shit and most of my friends and gave it all to his friends.

Hey Ideal-hosting,

Thanks for keeping us updated. I vote that the servers be wiped, due to all the hackers having a lot of loot.

What SemiPro said.

Hopefully it’ll be today!

Props for you guys working hard. Good luck meanwhile!

Well i am pretty sure there will be a wipe incomming either with the steam switch or shortly after. so now is the time for us , to run around with the Best in Slot equipment and place c4 left and right , before it’s to late. :slight_smile:

Oh god! Hopefully I can get my 9x8 Hotell Beach Club ready before the wipe!

Please wipe the servers. I can’t begin to imagine how annoying it would be to end up with a house you can’t get into anyways.

so does that mean that i cant buy the game until december ??? i was about to buy it with a friend now and the store got closed …

You’re right…You cannot purchase the game right now. Not for the following 1-2 months, I belive :frowning:

Maybe you can only wipe the doors or wipe the map ? And keep our inventory ?

Your inventory is obviously bound to your player ID.

wipe everthing no talk about it ALL!


Yay,just 1 download for rust :smiley:

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