About that ''Name Changing''

Hello, I know that latest update is no big deal for most people, it’s a great thing to be able to change your IGN but PLEASE, don’t allow people to have same name as other players, it really sucks for streamers/youtubers. I already started receiving complaints about how awful and disrespectful I was in game today…a game that I haven’t played in a month.
I know it’s still in discussion and I hope that you’ll keep this little detail in mind,

There should be some way to find out the actual name.

The “actual name” is the account name. Which means the actual name is your e-mail. Being able to find it out poses a security risk.

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The account system would need some reworking, where you chose an username when registering, and then that would show as your “static” one or whatever.

I registered using the name “Blade”. It should turn into the main name.

Everyone should change their name to the same name. Imagine the chaos and confusion that would cause.

I’ll call myself Dick Cheney. Then shoot someone in the back with a shotgun.

I know it got nothing to do with the thread but can you change the email of your account if you want to change email because lets say my email keeps getting hacked ?

I highly doubt you can change it as of right now. Your best bet should be to keep your god damn email safe.

Quick question for the devs:

How does the whisper system manage duplicate names? Will all same-named players receive the same messages?

If there is a way to find out what the ‘real’ name is, then this whole system will be useless. Then you won’t just let Bob inside, but you will look at the main account name of Bob before you let him in.

Maybe we should just drop the idea of names altogether and instead use a character generator where you can randomly generate a character until you find one appealing and use that as permanent character. Would need a lot of character details though, so that it should be possible to always see the difference between two men. And you’ll also always be able to reset this, at the expense that your character will die and no one will remember you.

This together with some system where you as player can custom make an item such as an arm bandage thing with it’s own color and logo (Or perhaps even a ‘paper’ which is basically a picture which you can show), should help with saying: Oh I’m with this group

I’d almost say, be able to connect colours or names to players yourselves, but then it’ll be impossible for a stranger to get inside (It will probably make life a lot easier)

Edit: Perhaps a nametag that people can read?

The system for name.changing must generate if the nick is no more avaible or in use, digits behind like GuildWars 2 does.

Nickname: zeroz.1234 for ID.


i can see a lot of trolling coming out of this


i gotta say this idea is really really intresting :open_mouth:
no nametags at all? yes please! but that means you have to get either a completely random looking character (appearance wise etc) so everyone is actually clearly distinct from one another. add in scars etc and facial hair and tada.

and when you log in you see your own character from the front for a couple of seconds so you know what you look like =)

Bands on your arms just calls for swastikas.

yep ottr… sadly it will

maybe garry will do like what they did in the ps2 game the thing and use blood tests or something off about the player. :tinfoil:

I agree. In real life you can’t change your name to Barrack Obama and then run the country so I don’t understand how this adds realism and depth to the game lol.

This must make reporting players for misconduct very difficult.

Probably because it’s Barack Obama and not Barrack

there are now two InsaneParrots yey