About the all new Incapacitation System

Hello Devs
I play rust since over a year and a half. In this time, we saw several things to get shape.
I must admit i am quite a fan of your efforts to create a game without the sponsor of a big studio.
Congratulations for everything you are doing.

Ok, fanboy stops right now.

The objective of this thread is to discuss the new incapacitation system.
The “falling down” thing.
I liked it.
Incapacitation is a touch of realism that is necessary if we really want to feel the hunting in our spine when we are running away or making some ambush.
But it demands the correct tune. Otherwise it will be a spring of exploits and future complains.

In my humble opinion, this system needs to be based in BODY PARTS, not HOLE BODY INSTANCE.

For example: if the incapacitation occurs because of a trap that hit the LEG, the player should not fall down and the bleeding could only happens if the player tries to move without removing the trap and using a bandage to stop the bleeding.

And i think BLEEDING needs a review too. I believe once bleeding starts if the player won´t use a bandage, he must bleed until he is dead. I also would like the player should be stand still to use bandage and medkits. Using this itens in the middle a melee combat is totally unrealistic. It´s like to use a health potion in fantasy games…

One other thing for incapacitation: when the player fall down, he whould be able to use simple weapons such a pistol, a knife etc… incapacitaded is not dead.

What the other players think about this new system?

Realistic stuff, which will (sadly) never ever find its way to rust, due to rust is being way more arcade than say dayz is. I can assure that.

Making some kind of bandaging animation or loading bar would be of use though. Current system is way too arcade. Especially if you get to melee and you just bring a stack of pills or something. This aint no tf2.

The problem with your idea is that it’s complicated. Complicated features almost always equal unfun features. Some compromises must be made to ensure players continue to enjoy their time. I know that I would quickly grow to hate a bleeding system that didn’t stop given time. I’ve already done the complicated bandaging with mgs3, and I don’t really miss it.

I do think adding a bandage animation that required a couple seconds would be ok. Not overly complicated, but enough to make it a little more realistic.

but i think for example having to suture the wounds, apply antiseptic, and then apply a bandage would be too much realism for enjoyment, especially if you introduced an infection risk based on how well you do all of these steps, or if you don’t change the bandages and reapply antiseptic a few times a week

the op’s system is interesting, but probably in the too complicated box. i personally see “wounded” as being damaged enough that you have lost too much blood/life to stand anymore. you collapse, and can crawl very slowly for a little while, use healing gear if you have it on hand, or be revived by other players who have the same. he should still be able to attack, though i would reduce the speed of reloads and melee attacks based on your state.

incapacitation is a different “status” in my mind. if your leg gets trapped by a beartrap, you should be unable to move, regardless of whether it killed you or not, until you release the trap. maybe make releasing the trap a bit like the bomb in cs, hold for a couple of seconds to complete the task. also (IMO) it should be related to the beartrap, not a separate status.

bleeding eventually does clot. i’d be tempted to have every attack’s damage deal a % of bleeding that stacks. if you get hit by a hatchet, the wound would bleed for a bit. bandages should therefore clear the slate by eliminating x points of bleeding currently applied to the player.

I fully understand the concept of compromising reality vs fun. I mean, the whole “bleeding just stops” thing … well, maybe you put your hand over the wound and it clotted. Building in literally every possibility just turns the game into MinutiaeSimulator2015.

But I do like the idea about wounds having relevant impact. It wouldn’t have to be complicated; leg wounds beyond a certain threshold slow down your run / walk speed. Arm wounds slow down crafting. Torso wounds bleed faster (to simulate the critical nature of a stomach stab wound). Head wounds do massive damage or impact vision / hearing.

Four regions. That would be it.

I have a board game I’ve been working on off and on over the past few years. It’s core mechanic is squad based tactical combat. In the game when a character’s health is between 1-5 they’re wounded until someone heals them. At one point I tried implementing a bleeding system where the player would lose 1 health every round until healed. It wasn’t fun.

Now that I think about it. Downed players should not bleed out (which seems to be in the current update), and you shouldn’t even need to to click that little life ring. Just run up and and use a syringe on them, or click loot and place bandages or a med kit in their hotbar and they can use it. They heal over 5 (or even 10) points and they stand up.

EDIT: Oh, and I do think getting stuck in the bear trap and having to free yourself would be cool.

Its a bear trap. If it dosent take your foot clean off, it will certainly crush some bones. You will not walk after freeing your self in most instances.

i would say you will have difficulty walking, not that you will not walk. i’ve cared for many war vets who are single/double below/above knee amputees who can get around fine without assistive devices. and if your body has dumped enough adrenaline, you might just run the hell away on that smashed up leg of yours until you realise just how damaged it is.

I completely disagree on bleeding; it’s already annoying as it is with how difficult it can be to get early to get cloth early game. Either bandages should be easier to craft, or you would have to start with a few in legacy. I think it should just be more specific on what bleed type you have, and how long it lasts based on damage taken/weapon used. Also, I liked the wounded stance in it’s current state; I don’t want stupid CoD, get knifed/shot by players as they fall into the stance and have invulnerability frames. When somebody is wounded, they are completely at your mercy, which allows passive players to shoot people without having to wait and disarming them before helping them up.

You guys really prefer the “arcade mode”, as if the bandages are some kind of magical potion?

how’d you come to that conclusion?

Rock > Tree > Stones > Stone Hatchet > Wooden Spear > 3 strikes to a bear or wolf and you’ve got more than enough cloth.