About the current Dev version.

Hello people,

I´ve been busy with alot of things lately and didn´t find the time for rust.

When i finally got to open the game again, some time passed, logged in, and saw a bunch of private servers.

After playing for a little while, i stumbled on Helk´s post and wondered why i didn´t have the option of building Spikes or Gates,
And i started to ask around.

People told me it was on the Dev version of the game ONLY, and as i don´t know better to disagree i tried logging into one.

After not being able to join the server i wanted to join, i tried Going to steam>library>Rust>rightclick>Propeties>Beta’s like i’ve read in a thread
But it woudn’t allow me to change to the dev version, even after i entered my valid Rust key below.

So asuming as the patch will go public in a few hours i won’t have much to worry about, unless im totally wrong and it’s still just for the devs - i
am still wondering how im able to join such servers in the future if i desire to do so.

P.s if someone would be so kind to reffer me to the upcoming patch notes as i can’t find that either, i would greatly appreciate it.

NF AkA Roy.

You don’t need to enter your key, just change it to dev - live developer branch, and close the window. It should then update it self.