About the drawing contest...

I just wanna know if people who giving keys watch every drawings or if you just clicking on a page and watch quickly what there is in ?

I’m asking that because there’s many good drawings on this thread and I don’t think everything is watched by you, do you ?

Thanks :wink:

(User was banned for this post ("didn't read the sticky" - postal))

I have a question, too.

Should I repost my picture? Because I ve posted it while my private messages were offline…

Thanks DaShizZL

yeah i made my one too while pm’s were offline

I dont think they give out keys anymore

I think they still look from time to time, but I think most of there time goes to making the game.
They probably got the players they need, or even too many atm.

thread is still open. so if they stopped giving keys its not cool at all.
i believe they’re still on it.

There are still bans here and there so we can assume that the posts are being read but keys aren’t being distributed