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Very useful information Mr. Garry. Thank you for this beutiful post.

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thx for bringing back the beautiful facepunch forums mr. garry <3

Yay the forums are back!

when’s :thatcat: is going to make a return?

The problem is that GMod forum community migrated to GMod Discord. Me and code_gs tried to make some activity on Knockout but people didn’t come in.
For now we all are chilling in discord, and, in my opinion, returning back to the forums won’t happen. Starting from a reason #1: Rubat is active in GMod discord (this also affected Knockback migration attempt).
We’ve already established categories, rules and content regulation there, so we’ll have to do the same here again, losing mostly all integrations. GMod Meeting Hall (dev to players live talk) is also needs fast chat messaging interaction model like Discord.
If devs migrate here in some way, sure, I would like to help to moderate this category.

It seems to me that you think that the Discord would be “replaced” by the forums and everyone would have to migrate entirely to it. Why not just let the Discord and the forums co-exist?

You have a simple question about something and might want a quick answer? Discord.
You want quick feedback on something which isn’t worth to create a thread for? Discord.

You have a rather complex question which might require going into detail and you don’t want it to be spammed out of focus by other random stuff? Forums.
You want to present something finished or an ongoing project and maybe you want to have a rather deep discussion about it? Forums.

Also, just imagine being able to look something up on google and a detailed thread about it on this forum appears. Thinking about this makes me feel nostalgic and happy. Back in the day those old af threads helped me out much because almost every thread had an answer or at least an answer linked. At the moment, using the Discord search on the Garry’s Mod Discord is an absolute pain in the ass for me and probably many others.

This could be extended to an almost endless list of use cases and pro & contra arguments.

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