About the Old Legacy map back into the new version.

I personally really enjoyed the Legacy map, i fucking loved those rocks all around the world, the hills, the trees, I can’t really explain, but Legacy really had a special feeling, I don’t feel that at all in the new version and I think that is because of maps, I know that the Legacy map was a first test of a procedural map, and it was AWESOME! But I don’t really like the new ones, in my opinion it are mostly big flat surfaces.
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i cant even remember the old “map” ?!

I’m talking about the old version, Legacy, there only was one map, rust_island_2013

i like the maps random, as my server i play at resets every month keeps it fresh

NO !

What you mean no? They already are random. Doh!

I would take a plane to the UK and kiss Garry’s ass for a perfect reproduction of that map. Dead serious.

no = no i dont want the old map back. allthough i liked the old rust

It would be a server option to choose the old map, which isnt a big deal

I liked the old legacy map due to 1 main road that went through all points of interest. It gave more of a sense of community.

However, the procedurally generated maps are NOT, or even close to flat. They are far more varied with steeper terrain. I also am extremely happy that each time there is a wipe, the terrain is different which keeps the exploration feeling alive. Both were good. Both had unique positives.

It would be nice if there were more flatter areas around… or if the maps were bigger… but they are fun to explore.

Okay, that’s a bit true, but there aren’t any valleys at all, it maybe is a little bit hilly, but no real hills, there is only a little hill or a massive mountain

This would be awesome!!!

It should be an option like hapis is going to be.

Hapis already is an option…

Expect a legacy clone when a map editor comes out.

One person has vowed to remake Rust_island_2013 faithfully within 90 days of the map editor coming out. And if they don’t meet their promise they get permabanned from the forum because they agreed to a Toxx clause over it. :v:

just no. the legacy map was simplistic unfinished and really just a place holder. yes maps are random on most servers but they are much better than legacy’s map.

ooh, i vaguely remember someone boasting that. got a link?:wink:

The first test he will need to pass is remembering that he posted this.