About the Pillars

Basically my complain is about tha lack of chance destroying pillars, in my case I placed wrongly (yes Im retard) a pillar and now I cant destroy it and disturb completly my house distribution. Should be an option to destroy stuff you placed, or at least in the alpha a Counselor/GM attending tickets with people with this and other kidn of problems. Tyvm.

Devs are working on a system where it visually begins to form, maybe there will be a cancel button while it is still forming? :smile:

stop crying, play the game the way it is until they make changes for now the only way is to blow it up with charged or you can try your luck with Grenades…

Stalker, is that you?

You cant destroy a pillar with c4 or nades moron.

You actually can with c4 “moron.”

I put C-4 on a pillar and could not destroy it. How many does it take?

Thats actually a good question, I was under the assumption you could not destroy pillars at all, if C4 is needed how much?