About the previous headshots videos.

People was posting videos about headshots not too long ago, thought I’d make my addition aswell :slight_smile:

Just got off this server with him. I couldn’t count the number of times I saw, “CHEATER. AIMBOT HACKER”.

-Divine Cock

Not as good as Danger On PC, but the video was tolerable.

Dude! Fucking awesome video! Those kids got rekt!


Why cut the video there… i wanna know what happened after you broke your leg lol.

You need to watch the stream next time when it happens!:smiley:

in the dark you managed to headshot kevs every 2-3 shots. Yeah that’s legit. You must have that gamma WAY high, or using the day hack.

I watched the video with normal gamma, I turned gamma to max and still couldn’t see ANYTHING in the video then switched brightness to max too, it made a huge difference it was almost like the video was daytime at that point. Kinda broken abusing gamma/brightness to see at night but I know how I am playing from now on.

Nothing here is cheating, this is a great video. Its always great to see kids crying hacks when they get headshotted while running in a straight line/standing still. None of these shots seemed hard to hit for an experienced fps player, but the way you landed almost all of them without choking was amazing, especially with Rust being so intense because of the full loot pvp. Also I can see rather clearly what is happening in the video with default monitor settings, not everyone is using one of these you know.

No you can’t.

Either way, good video.

Tell you the truth I do not alter any of my settings. The only thing altered in the profile on my asus 144hz, which is set to gaming, rather than normal.

The video does have 2.000 gamma tho, otherwise it would be close to impossible to have any idea about whats going on.

2.00 gamma is really high. Anything over 2.50 just makes it impossible to see the screen. The point of night is to survive the dark and not see. So if you were playing with out hacks, more than likely the guys you killed had normal gamma and couldn’t see you. So not to be mean, but it wasn’t a fair fight.

I think you need to read my reply once again :slight_smile:

I said the gamma was set to 2.0 in the video. Not during my recording, I don’t alter my gamma for myself ingame.