About the Server Files

Hello, i am currently hosting a Garry’s Mod community called “CubixGaming” and i am wanting to expand to Rust.
I am currently renting a dedicated server so i dont want to pay $50 for a Australian server when i have a dedi.
So i am just asking when will the server files be released.


I was hoping for this as well, seeing as i can do it much cheaper for my community using my own hardware

I can’t remember where i saw a dev comment on this, but i don’t think it will be for a while.

Well tbh there’s no rush. I just want to know if it’s possible. The game is in alpha and once its more stable (possibly beta) id love to see the server files released so that small communities like ours can add in a server without the cost. I’d like to think that it’s pretty good publicity for them as well since for example my community is multi-game so others would potentially want to try it and pop on our server.

Fingers crossed for an eventual release