About the supposed ban from posting HELP ME threads here...

Is this being enforced anymore? Are the mods just giving out warnings, or what?
I’d just prefer the GENERAL DISCUSSION place to not have HELP & SUPPORT threads. It’s like a 1:5 ratio atm.

It’s still enforced. The issue is that there is not a regular GMod section moderator, however, the rule is still exists.

It gives the impression there isn’t a moderator at all for this section though.

Just gonna say that 3-5 of us (can’t remember exactly) were banned for “bumping to complain about a bump” and that was more enforced than the Help Me threads. I haven’t seen one be banned here before (but I’ve only been here a few months so that could change)

Remember that you yourself can report a thread and if that happens a few times, it notifies an moderator.

You can also PM a moderator.

For reporting I do remember a mod saying just to report it for something if there is no valid report reason listed, they’re smart enough to figure out what you actually reported them for.

Would it really hurt for there to be more specific reports to be added?

A mod said to someone before that the reporting reason doesn’t matter; they’ll just go to the post and see what it is.

I still believe the Gmod forum needs some more active mods. I’d volunteer if I was trusted enough to :-/

I’ve been reporting all the help threads I see on page 1.

I really don’t know why people go and try to actually reply to those threads. You should just report them and ignore 'em.

Isn’t there a rule about thread titles not being continuous into the thread like no (Check this out it’s pretty…)?


Found out the hard way :v: