About to be stabbed?

No editing done, as i do not know exactly ‘how’ to use GIMP nor Photoshop or even how to edit… Anyways, first screenshot uploaded on Facepunch, but not really my first ‘pose’…

Comments please :slight_smile:

Where in the world is Odessa looking?

For your first pic, this is fantastic, keep up the god work

Thank you. And Naysayer… i’m not quite sure… :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, for this pose, as Odessa is being held by the neck/jawline, I thinks it would be hard for him to be looking anywhere but mostly up. Just an anatomy/physics thing.

May i ask where you got the terrorist model?

Too much bloom. And try to add finger posing to all the characters next time.

Alright, will do :slight_smile:

Excessive bloom.

Hmm… it was off of some Counter-Strike: Source website with other skins / models… I’ll try to find it, and let you know when i do.

Looks like either a Jason skin or a Manhunt skin.