About to embark on the Rust journey

Good evening all,

New poster and soon to be new Rust/Steam player. I am ready to purchase a build specifically for Rust and maybe one other Steam game. I have a couple of newbie questions.

In regards to Steam, do I have to download Steam to be able to install/play Rust?
Is it fairly easy to install/select server and play? Any related issues I should be prepared for?

I look forward to being immersed in the Rust environment!

Thank you

yes you have to install steam in order to play rust… I have my own rust server and if you would like to join it its in the modded servers and is call “zation vanilla extract PVP” myself and other admins will be glad to help you out and get your started

Thanks Shaney I’ll check out your server when I get booted up. Is your server US based? Is it better to buy from Steam or FP? Does it even matter?

I would get from steam. that way you know it will install properly and wont have to worry about putting in product keys … my server is U.S.

Yes you need steam, and the servers use steamworks as far as I know.

Installing a game on steam isn’t hard, but Rust itself is known to have a multitude of problems. I know there are problems with AMD drivers, my friend has some weird crash related to his headphones (how?), and there’s a problem where having the game running for too long causes multiple instances of the game to run at the same time. There’s a lot more but those are just off the top of my head.

Be prepared for bugs and troubleshooting. Otherwise, joining a server isn’t hard at all. Just find a nice server with low ping. I wouldn’t recommend starting off in a server with huge playercounts either.

In regards to the game itself, since the latest updates it’s been more of a PVP experience than ever. Don’t trust anyone, especially if they are clothed or have weapons. Expect to die a lot either from bugs or players who kill you just because they think you might have something.

Hopefully I can avoid some issues due to using Nvidea and not an AMD processor. That’s one thing that really attracted me to Rust, PVP. I’m sure its going to be chaotic at first until I get the hang of everything and make some friends, but it will be a fun experience.

Just embrace the fRustration. it is one of those love/hate games you will never stop playing.