About to give up.

Alright, so heres the problem. I have custom textures in hammer, and I have used them in my map. When you download them, you will just see purple and bleck checkerboards. I would like to include these textures with my downloads so others can see them. Is there a way to package them so they can be put into the AddOns folder? Or would I have to instruct them to put the VTF into the materials folder?

VIDE pakfile Lump Editor

Can include the files inside the BSP.

wait, how do i use this?

Rather use pakrat, very easy to use.

  1. Open VIDE.
  2. Tools / Pakfile Lump Editor
  3. Click “Open” and select the map.
  4. Click “Scan”.
  5. If the directory to search for content is not already shown, choose it manually.
  6. Click “Scan”.
  7. Click “Auto”.
  8. Click “Apply”.
  9. Click “Save”.

Jacc, link for pakrat? and walkthrough maybe?

Yahoo it man, http://www.bagthorpe.org/bob/cofrdrbob/pakrat.html

Once installed/extracted, open pakrat.jar File > Open map > Click Add below, and add all your custom stuff from your materials or models folder > Once added, Save as, yourmapname.bsp

That should be it! Peace out

PS: It’s possible that you need Java Runtime Environment for it to run though!
Just search for it.

Pakrat isn’t all reliable. However, VIDE’s pakfile lump editor is more legitimate and picks up content where pakrat can’t. See Terrenteller’s post above on using VIDE.

I never had any problems with it

Obviously only been using it for a small handful of files.

If you try and pak say the entire content of evocity into a bsp you have to run pak rat many many times before it picks everything up, whereas VIDE does it in a single pass. There are some files pakrat doesn’t ever pick up automatically, or read from a bsp with it paked in.


And the VIDE pakfile editor interface works in an almost identical manner to that of pakrat, see Terrentellers post.

Make a separate folder on your desktop, name it maps, place the map in it.
Make another folder on your desktop named addons. Place another folder inside addons with the name of your map. Go inside that folder and make a materials folder. Then add in the material, with the path included. Once you complete, zip the two folders and upload.

So lets recap,
Zip file>Maps>‘map name here.bsp’
Zip file>Addons>‘map name here’>materials>path>Material.vmt,Texture.vtf


Though I do support VIDE, as its quicker.