About to play some Garrys Mod, which gamemode should I play?

Heya, bout’ to play some Garry’s Mod. What gamemode should I play?

All I really know is that prophunt is fun.

Also, Trouble in Terrorist Town (TTT)

Thanks for the recommendation!

Sandbox is a great gamemode for people who are new to garry’s mod.

Probably not for me then



Sandbox, if you really want to get your build on, like tanks, cars, and though less useful, base building. Beware of the community though, they bite.

Prophunt, casual fun, played a good bit myself, can get hilarious at times.

Base wars, can’t say I can give a verdict on that game mode, never played it.

Any [darkrp-rename-here]RP, your experience is totally dependent on the server you join. Never been one of my favorite gamemodes.

And a gamemode that I think needs more popularity is surf, it can get tricky at times, but it’s damn rewarding when you beat that one level.