About to tear down some infected with a minivan (dont ask...)

Thread derailed, please lock thread.

Nice I like the editing, but the zombie that’s flying in the air looks a bit off.

Reminds me of that part from I Am Legend.
Good picture, i like the lighting.

Yeah, Looks good mate!

I’m really worried by how much you love running zombies over in cars, Resistance! When I hear about a mass hit-and-run massacre of GTA proportions I’ll know it was you!

Lol, Its better then going AK47 in broad daylight!


God, i hate those guys like idkfapro. Seriously, it’s good to criticize… but SO much… well it makes you look like a bastard.

Nice picture, can’t see any major problem except the zombie flying.

cry about it, faggot
you wouldn’t look like such a fucking idiot if you would directly insult me instead of pretending that you don’t want confrontation

Well, i’d really like to have a confrontation with you, but i don’t want to get ban-hammer’d.
I guess you didn’t realize that, because you’re not smart enough.

/end of the stupid fight before someone spot us.

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Add some rain

idkfapro is just trying to help the OP improve.

But he barely tries to “help” any body else improve.

Nah, I dont think so

Idkfarpro stop comming on my pics and with a stupid image.


And how the hell am I supposed to improve with THAT?

I’d like to see you do better.


also I like the editing

He just crits to much. I mean a twisted torso, sloppy dodging is normal in most screenshots. Nothing is perfect, god hes such a perfectionist

The zombie flipping yeah… hes hit by the car so…?

So i reproduce every movements of my screen before taking them.
Now get hit by a car. You’ll seeyou won’t do such backflip and all.

"About to tear down some infected with a minivan (dont ask…) "

May I ask?

Yiu might you might not. den pends on speed and how the car is shaped but it’s a minivan so the zombie would roll of the front,