About trees and forests.

Not long ago i played game named “life is feudal”, it is sandbox world too, but what amazed me more then anything else - it’s how the forest looks there (and all trees can be destroyed or planted):


And, i wonder, will Rust have at least ONE forest that will be both same big and contain that many trees, so you can just get lost there, or hide from someone, hunt, and stuff like that? Or Unity just too bad to handle that many trees?

Dude that looks amazing. Can Unity do this?

Torque 3D users shout out Woot! Woot!

On Topic, to be fair some of those trees LODs are messed up. Watch some play throughs.

What I find more interesting is you can actually dig tunnels into the terrain! Would love to know how they pulled that off. Don’t know if they have some custom voxel terrain plugin.

Mechanics of digging there is almost same as minecraft - cubic “rooms” in the ground. But there is also something even more interesting - ability to change ground level. If terrain is not flat enough for your house - you can just dig a bit of dirt, or add some, so we built big house in the start of the hill by just brining all ground around to the same level.

The perfect mixture between Mount & Blade and Skyrim (without the fantasy) it seems.

Forests are coming along quite nicely, if you ask me.

That sounds killer! Would love to see that in Rust.

I am a big Mount & Blade fan and Life is Feudal is made from that system.

It uses a very simplistic approach, but very functional. I already have named M&B / LiF as indication that certain simplistic approaches can work out a lot better, than what they are trying to do in Unity.

I am positive for a full 100% that Rust cannot simulate the same worlds as M&B, LiF… (and M&B is not even made for this).

The ‘terraforming’ is very much beta and also quite simplistic… but it works… (there are a lot of clipping issues for terrain at the moment).
Rust is being made a lot ‘opener’, which explains the terrible performace and the general sloppy development.

this is unity i think

Life is Feudal runs using Torque 3D with heavy customization for tunneling.

The LODs don’t look very good. Once performance is under control, you could probably get SpeedTree to do that. Whether the devs will is another thing.

Well, why don’t they? Current map with small forests, where also trees placed too far away from each other looking kinda empty. And forest is the most atmospheric zome from all other biomes. And also they wanted to get speed tree for this purposes, but since they got it there was no major changes to the forests, so i wonder, does it help, or unity cannot handle big forest?

ElvenNeko, the devs only added SpeedTree about a week and a half ago. Be fucking patient. I bet LiF didn’t get huge lagless forests in two weeks.

The devs are going to do what they want to do and if huge forests aren’t included, that’s the way it is.

I don’t know what the devs plan to do with forest sizes, but you’re getting way too far ahead of things. Just because it can be done doesn’t mean it has to be done.

I hope Gary checks this game and thinks fuck yeah, I can do this.

Its not like they get those trees for free. Watching one stream, guy looks at the ground and gets 50fps, looks up to the forest and gets 20.

I hope they share some of the tech back with the Torque MIT community. But it sounds like they started development before T3D went open source, so they have no obligation to even give us the time of day. Of course since deferred shader redering is almost up with PBR being attempted with OpenGL support. Maybe they will come back.

You also have to remember that trees are a commodity in the new Rust… they aren’t just for visuals. That has to be taken into account before you place millions of a resource in one spot.

You talking like in legacy rust tress wasn’t the infinite resource source.

Except the actual resources were wood piles. Murdo is saying that the actual trees themselves will be what you cut down.

And if you spawn a million trees, that’s the same as spawning a million wood piles.

Which is not the same as a million trees and the same number of wood piles as normal.

In all honesty why have the woodpiles been put into this version, we don’t need them trees are abundant,

Do we really need them anymore ?

i imagine that once speedtree is fully integrated and fixed the tree count will be a lot higher.

I don’t really see the point of finding already cut up lumber piles if it’s a survival-ish game. There be trees and cutting a real tree does take a while for sure but I don’t think it goes along the Rust lore.

I would like that forests change size. according to frequency and area in which felled (cut).
besides that you can not grow a tree inside on a foundation -.-
thereby tedriamos a little more control over the environment.