About VU-Mod Pasager

I have a problem, I have install on my server some pack with cars what was made by TheDanishMaster for exemple " http://www.garrysmod.org/downloads/?a=view&id=126279 "
But the problem is that 2 player cannot go in the car. Maybe I install wrong VU-MOD but I know that is possible 2 player go in the same car because I was on Fragnet.net - Official TDMCars Server and there is possible.
I copy VehicleUpgrade in addons , this is the right place ??

Help threads like this are supposed to go into Help & Support. Sometimes it baffles me how people just go to the first subsection that has GMod in the name and thinks that it’s a section for everything. No, if it was for everything, GMod General would be clogged up faster than a public toilet. You should really just read a bit up on the GMod part of the forums before posting, as there’s even a sticky-thread asking people to post help threads in Help & Support.

Garry’s Mod Discussion does get the most views, help and support threads don’t normally get that much attention.

Ok thx now I now. :smiley: I will post it again.

Most threads in there gets solved and has posts. Just because the subsection gets less traffic is not a reason to break the rules.