About yesterdays devblog


Anyone know what’s going on?
Are they planning on making a bigger update? Me and my crew was so hyped for a force wiped which rumored around.

Go read the last devblog which explains this one.

They’re at GDC.

Also, Zezztah, you of anyone should have been around long enough to know that changes that force a wipe are held until the first update of the month. The first patch of the month is a map wipe, and rarely a bp wipe.

There may be specific cases where patches at other points in the month require wipes (say a massive terrain bug slipped through the cracks in the first-of-the-month patch; a patch to fix it the next day/week would probably also require a wipe), but the devs try and hold back everything until the first of the month.

Thats pretty smart but devs shouldnt care much about players and focus on updating then the players. Just my 2 cents

If they release a fucked update which doesn’t let us test the game they do care.