Above-ground Trains Update - News β€” Rust

Ziplines seemed to be well used last month, but there were too many cases of ziplines failing to connect, leading to zipline platforms with no connections. I've improved the procedural generation process this month in a few different ways.

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Overall pretty useless update. People can still place lanterns at zipline connections and they force you off.
The worst decision by far was making it so you can’t shoot out Sam sites. Sam sites are objectively hated by the rust community and you have to make them so much more difficult to destroy.

Why did you have to bring back scientist to junk piles it makes it a lot harder for nakeds :frowning:

So it took a year to fix the best map in the game, and performance is still terrible :confused:

If you say the train engine slows down if you add more carriages is there a way to detach them like hold e where they meet to disconnect them? :thinking:

buncha goobers above me ^^

A lot of hard work :+1: Let’s hope Performance and QoL updates will be an integral part of every update!

Overal a good update the weather is fixed ,npc are back means easy key card start on wope day,i love this update

Waaaaa Waaa I am a rust player, all I can do is complain! This update is bad! There are cheaters! I got banned for saying a racist slur! This game is baaaad!!!

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Lmao honestly tho. Some Rust players are mentally unstable

Thank you for constantly improving this game and make it more fun and enjoyable !
I’m really looking forward the next PVP rework, the recoil rework as well is really needed imo.

90% good weather is just like every other game. I like the weather, makes the game feel more real and not 100% β€œwhere pvp at”. Gives you a chance to make some moves, too.

Great update! Thanks!

what about cheaters?

when will you give other streamers the opportunity to participate in Twitch Drops? our audience in Brazil is growing more and more, we send skins to participate and we are never chosen, while others are participating more than 1 time.