Abrams Tank Crew Takes Russian T-90 Crew Captive



Hambone, it would be great to get more than 3 comments/critism on this when it has over 200 views :slight_smile: ( Not to be a dick lol)

The guy on fire doesn’t look very good to me. And the fire on tank is pretty, but not perfect. And the posing, mainly on the Marines, is not spectacular.

Thanks :D, finally.

Better get rid of that rim lighting before you know who comes in.

Bout the dude on fire.
One, he should not just be orange for lighting.
Two, fire engulfs a person, not just their front and back.
He also seems a bit distant, like he wasn’t originally in the picture. Did you shop him in?
And can I see the original?

Neither of the groups really look like tank crewman, they look like normal soldiers. Dude on fire looks odd too.

Posing is odd, the scene is weird and doesn’t really make sense in terms of positioning and such, the editing is really painfully obvious, and the angle is boring.

this picture is all wrong, obviously it would be the other way around since they’re russians

That guy’s crotch is on fire… must be painfull.


The fire is kinda meh to be honest. Overall the lightnign could use some work as well. I get no sense of light coming from the flames for instance. No heat either.

I think he’s talking about Rossmun :stuck_out_tongue:

Why would the russians surrender? They’ve got better equipment then the US guys (In the picture) and if im not wrong tank crews are usually armed with SMG’s/PDW’s and/or Handguns, and im pretty sure that if they manage to escape a fireball having only one guy being set on fire, they would’ve enough time to grab at least a handgun.

There’s your critisism. But overall i like the fire and the posing.

Surprise effect/shell-shocked/surrounded/certain death.

Thanks for the actual critism guys, lol, yeah the guy on fire was a stretch, and no he wasn’t shopped in. I did this edit over a 8 hours edit time, i was just hanging out slowly editing it, sorry for the excuse, not suppose to make excuses suppose to make improvements.


It doesn’t make sense to me.
Tanks are mostly deployed in masses or with cover by infantry. (Possibly in IFV’s too).
In the case of a clash between US Army and Russian Army tanks, it would be highly unlikely that the Americans would get out of their tanks and come to close proximity of the shellshocked Russian tankers.
And that takes us also back to the fact that a tank has other support. In that (more realistic case) the US tank would keep on going and the guys coming behind the US tank would take care of the remaining Russian Soldiers.

(I also doubt that US Tankers would waste one of their OWN fire extinguishers, which THEY can use in the case of an emergency.

Yeah you have really valid point, I had 2 abrams surrounding the T-90, one disabled ( thats the crew ) and this angle wasn’t the original it was actually just a screenshot of the post i was showing to a friend, but then I just made it as the original angle… So yeah, you are completly right.